The Natural Way to Health and Wellness

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The use of natural remedies to promote health and to fight disease is not a new concept. For centuries, people have been using herbs to help fighthealth issues such as cough and colds, indigestion, and a host of other illnesses. These natural remedies were also used to promote wellness. For instance, ginseng is popular in traditional Eastern medicine since it is known to improving virility and boosting the immune system.


More and more people are rediscovering the health benefits of natural supplements and remedies. Instead of turning to pharmaceutical drugs, people actually prefer to go the natural way by using supplements made of natural therapeutic ingredients. And indeed, with a healthy lifestyle, the right diet and regular exercise, natural medicine can do wonders for your health!

Why Go Natural? 

Natural medicine is based on traditional knowledge. Our forefathers have discovered that certain plants are good for certain ailments. This knowledge and experience has been passed down from one generation to the next. This is particularly true in Eastern culture, where traditional herbal medicine has been extensively used.

Perhaps natural remedies have lost its popularity due to the impression that some of the natural ailments are just part of folklore. The emergence of “snake oil” – remedies that help just about everything have also given traditional medicine some bad press. Be that as it may, natural medicine (with the help of professional herbalists and homeopathic practitioners) can work.

For some, natural remedies have an advantage over pharmaceutical ones because:

-          Natural remedies and supplements have an innate yet complex goodness that cannot be reproduced by synthetic means. For instance, natural foods havefibres and other substances with high nutritional value. 


So if you’re taking, say, kelp supplements to treat an iodine deficiency, you also take in all of kelp’s natural goodness. Kelp is rich in other minerals as well. You could take a synthetically manufactured iodine supplement but this will not have the other beneficial minerals that kelp has.

Another example would be the use of shavegrass powder (also known as horsetail herb). People have taken it to help with glandular disorders. It is also good in maintaining kidney health.

-          Minimal processing is used for natural cures. Processing for natural remedies is usually kept to a minimum to ensure that the therapeutic properties of the herb or plant are retained. In contrast, pharmaceutical drugs usually have a list of active ingredients, which are chemically isolated and as a result are very potent.  This means that with pharmaceutical drugs you need more care and precautions due to the danger of overdosing on a particular active ingredient.

-          Natural remedies are more affordable. Usually you spend less with natural remedies as opposed to pharmaceutical ones.

-          Herbs are natural and are safer to use. Natural supplements (when taken correctly) don’t have harmful side effects. If you will look at pharmaceutical medicine, you will usually see warnings regarding its negative effect on the kidney and liver, or other side effects that can be attributed to the damage to these two major organs as well as other organs.

-          Natural medicine helps the root cause of the problem. Natural medicine works by correcting imbalances and providing the body with nutrients it can use to fight disease. Simply put, it just nourishes the body to restore the healthy function of its different parts. This means that the medicine goes straight into the root cause of the problem and once this root is eliminated, you experience healing and relief. In short, natural medicine works towards true healing. In contrast, pharmaceutical medicine tends to just mask the symptoms without fighting the core of the problem.


We at Life Balm understand the many benefits of herbal supplements and remedies that you need to nourish your body. We are committed to support your wellness and health by providing you with the best herbal products in the market.

Why Life Balm? 

Life Balm was established based on the healing philosophy of Dr. John R. Christopher, who espoused the principles of cleansing, nourishing and healing. Cleansing will get rid of blockages that may help the body from “flowing freely”. One way to cleanse is to use bowel cleansing or colon cleanse formulas. The next step would be to nourish. Our bodies need to be equipped with the right nutrients to be in the right condition to ward off illness. For instance, you can take bone health supplements or joint pain supplements and these will work to nourish the parts of the body to bring about healing and relief.

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