The Perks of Owning a RV Park

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RV parks offer the ideal business opportunity for people that love the great outdoors, enjoy meeting new people and long to be their own boss.

RV parks are generally income-earning investments, with returns yielding from 10- to 20-percent. In fact, RV parks rank in real estate’s highest yielding asset classes, making them exceptional business opportunities and investments.

Most RV owners are small business people that don’t have substantial debts and can carry their own financing. This means that more RV park buyers can qualify for seller financing opportunities, as expensive bank fees and credit scrutiny is avoidable.

RV owners report that owning an RV park is fun and they love their jobs. RV parks offer incredible experiences for visitors, allowing travelers to unwind, rest and experience Mother Nature. RV owners should be handy with do-it-yourself fixes, especially since some RV parks are located in more remote, rural areas. Whether it’s repairing cabin roofs, leaks or hooking up RV utilities, owners should be hands on with maintenance and repairs. In order to achieve a successful small business, RV owners need to be comfortable making decisions related to discounts, advertising, hours of operation and schedules.

Purchasing a RV park is also an excellent investment for future heirs. RV parks are real estate and business assets that grow over time, offering family heirs the opportunity to inherit a workable, profitable estate.

Successful RV parks can be worth more than $1 million. In fact, successful RV parks can offer more financial securities than bonds, CDs, stocks and other types of real estate.

To determine the value of a RV park, experts recommend researching the following:

Tax Return Adjustments – Tax return adjustments can be deceiving, making RV parks look like losses, when they’re actually profitable investments. Research tax information with a qualified tax professional to determine the types of write-offs that were taken prior to purchasing a RV park.

Non-Cash Benefits – Living at work also has many benefits, which includes utilities, housing costs, insurance and other living expenses.

Tax Benefits – The IRS allows several tax benefits for RV parks, which may include salaries and waivers of costly capital gains. Consult with a tax professional for more information.

Equity – RV parks build value over time. Analyze the growth index to see if the RV park’s business has increased from the previous sale.

RV parks and campgrounds offer an excellent alternative to traditional retirements, investments and real estate portfolios.

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