The Water Bottle That Has Something No Other Bottles Have

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The Water Bottle That Has Something No Other Bottles Have

Have you ever been working out, reached for your water bottle to quench your thirst only to get a partial mouthful of air and stale tap water? Whether you’re always on the go or working out, it’s important to stay well hydrated throughout the day.

The body is about 60% water, which means we’re always losing water from our bodies. Health authorities recommend that people drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. This equals about 2 liters or half a gallon. The challenge is drinking that much water while you’re in motion or on the go. Plus, regularly buying bottled water is very expensive.

Now there is a solution. Adults and children alike can enjoy a new kind of water bottle. Instead of exercising, exerting your energy and trying to the suck the water out using your lungs, you can use this revolutionary new design to easily squeeze water directly into your mouth, without wearing it or getting a gulp of air.

This product combines the best of both worlds. You can now get filtered water in a convenient, easy squeeze grip reusable water bottle. You can use any water source, and this innovative water design removes chlorine and heavy metals that make tap water taste like metallically bleach. The filter is good for 100 gallons of water or up to 3 months of use. With 580 refills per filter, you can save nearly $1,600 on bottled water, reducing the number of single-use water bottles by over 1,000! Made in the U.S.A., this patented product is not only dishwasher safe but also BPA free.

The GOBIE® lets you easily apply pressure to the comfortable FLEX-FLO squeeze grip and then sends a steady stream of water directly into your mouth. You can avoid those unsightly water spills on your shirt that are all too familiar with wide-mouth water bottles. As a bonus, you can even put ice in your GOBIE®, which means you can drink cold water anytime anywhere.

Now you can make your own water.

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