Think Thin: Lose the Attitudes that Prevent You From Losing Weight

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In dieting (as in a lot of other things), attitude is key.  No matter how effective the Liquid Amino Diet is, it still requires some effort on your part. The Liquid Amino Diet is only as successful as your willingness to stick to it.

Phase 1 of the Liquid Amino Diet is the main weight loss phase, and will require some adjustments. While you are taking the exclusive Amino Diet Plus formulation, you also need to have the discipline to eat the right amounts and kinds of foods for the next 30 to 90 days. Once you are able to develop the right eating habits, it will be easier to maintain this lifestyle.

Your attitude during Phase 1 of the Liquid Amino Diet (and the rest of the other Phases) will be key in changing dietary habits, to lose your desired amount of weight and ultimately, to be more healthy.

Here are some attitudes that need to do a u-turn:

-          “No matter what I do, I will not achieve my weight loss goal.”You may need to consider whether you have set reasonable goals at this time. Start with “baby steps” – losing even a bit can start you on the way to long term weight loss. According to research, losing even as little as 10% of your weight can mean dramatic improvements in your health. Starting with a defeatist attitude can slow you down. Instead, to set yourself up for success, challenge yourself by way of setting reasonable weight loss goals and apply yourself towards achieving it.

-          “Eating is the way I enjoy and deal with issues in my life.”Viewing food as “comfort food” or a way to deal with crises in life can wreak havoc on your Liquid Amino Diet whenever you are stressed out. You can eat healthy (and reasonably proportioned) food and still enjoy yourself. Look for ways to positively handle stress and the challenges of life. Better yet, you can “sweat it out”. Going for a regular exercise regimen is not a must in the Liquid Amino Diet, but it is highly encouraged.

-          “My weight will never budge. It’s in my genes.”According to a recent study, women who believe that their waist size is determined by genetics have a higher likelihood of being heavy. Although genes can play a part on your body’s makeup and weight, you can still actively make choices on your food and lifestyle. Think, “I determine my shape by my lifestyle and diet.” Set yourself up for success by getting the help you can get – from loved ones and friends, from a support group and by building an environment that is conducive to your weight loss goals.

-          “I’ve been avoiding food like crazy but I still don’t lose weight.”It can help for you to create a food journal to help you keep track of what you consume – and what activities you need in order to burn the calories you consumed. A journal can also contain things such as your personal goals, your game plan on how to achieve them, your exercise activities, the changes in your measurement and weight and the way you feel. Writing all these down will help you keep track of your progress and help you feel more accountable about your choices. 

Be in control of your thoughts and attitude. This is one important factor in your bid to be victorious in the Battle of the Bulge. With the help of the Liquid Amino Diet and your own positive attitudes and efforts, you can win at losing – losing weight, that is.

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