This Season’s Must Have Rafting Accessories

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While primary rafting accessories generally include rafts, this article highlights accessories that are off the beaten path, but are widely used by rafting enthusiasts.

Water-Purifying Filter – There are several types of diseases that humans can contract from drinking unpurified water. This can include the following:

Infectious Diseases – Bacteria, viruses and protozoa primarily travel through water sources.

Diarrhea – A sign of gastrointestinal infections, severe diarrhea is often associated with E. Coli.

Hepatitis A – This disease is related to drinking fecal-contaminated water. Symptoms can include jaundice, fatigue, abdominal pain, fever and itching.

Cholera – Transmitted through feces, cholera can be a fatal disease. Symptoms include vomiting, rapid pulse and watery stool, and death can occur within 12 to 18 hours after the onset of symptoms.

Flukes – This parasitic worm lives in stagnant waters. If ingested, it infects the blood and can travel throughout the body, even to the brain.

Amoebiasis – Protozoa that thrive on water or sewage with flies cause this disease. This causes abdominal pain, fatigue, diarrhea, fever and weight loss.

Chemical Contamination – Run-offs from domestic houses, farms, industrial waste and commercial chemicals can cause bodily harm.

Pesticides – Backyards, golf courses and farms often use harmful pesticides that contaminate soil and groundwater. If these pesticides are ingested, they can cause endocrine and reproductive damage.

Lead – Fittings from pipes and household plumbing can contaminate water. When ingested, lead affects the central nervous system and is especially harmful to children and pregnant women.

Heavy Metals and Arsenic – Causing damage to the nervous system, arsenic and heavy metals are also responsible for liver, skin and blood vessel damage.

Just because water is clear and from a fast flowing stream, doesn’t mean it’s safe to drink. If potable water is at a premium, it’s best to consider using a water purifier, which helps ensure that water is safe for consumption.

Bail Bucket – Part of rafting can often involve removing water from a vessel. A bail bucket is designed to effectively scoop water. It is recommended that rafters keep it in an area where it is easily accessible.

Waterproof Containers – It’s important to keep valuables dry. Storing wallets, cameras, medications, etc., in waterproof containers helps ensure these items remain safe and secure. It’s best to choose a waterproof container that is bright, making it easy to find should it be thrown from the raft during a rafting trip.

Multi-Purpose Tools – To help open bottles, cans and tighten loose screws, it’s important to have a multi-purpose tool. This type of tool is handy for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities, such as white water rafting, making it a solid, long-term investment.

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