Tips for Adding Quality SEO to Web Pages and Ads

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With the holidays rapidly approaching, many retailers are using online ads based on keyword variations and synonyms to attract potential customers. However, what most retailers may not realize is that SEO involves having a correlation between the ad, landing page and keyword. If one of these critical points is absent, companies risk the quality of ads.

Additionally, not making changes to ads is also not advisable. Competitors regularly change keyword ad campaigns, which can influence the overall quality of other companies’ sites.

Fortunately, Adaptivity Pro highlights three central components, which can actually improve companies’ overall quality scores.

Keyword Relevance – By improving the relevance of keywords, companies’ can further boost ratings. This includes reviewing how relevant current keywords are to advertising campaigns and also how well these terms compete with other advertisers.

Landing Relevance – To help improve landing pages’ relevance, it’s important to determine if ads are applicable to search queries, helping customers locate products, services and the company’s website. Websites should also offer content that is useful and significant to visitors.

User Experience – Ads should be relevant and well written, having a strong correlation between the ad text, landing page content and the keywords. Websites should function well and have user-friendly navigation, as this helps keep visitors on websites for longer periods of time.

Google AdWords offers a quality score, allowing companies to run complete diagnostics on their ad campaigns. This one to 10 scale scores keywords as follows:

1 to 5 – This means that keywords are underperforming. This may relate to a poorly written ad or using keywords that are irrelevant. On average, this score is assigned to campaigns that have a lower than average click-through-rate (CTR).

6 – This is average, as it indicates that the CTR is somewhat competitive, but is only scoring average with targeting traffic.

7 to 10 – The highest score, this means that keywords are extremely competitive and the CTR rate is significantly higher than competitors. This is the range that companies should strive to reach and maintain, as it will help make advertising campaigns extremely effective, especially during the holiday season.

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