Top 3 Things You Should Eat to Improve Concentration and Focus Fast

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Top 3 Things You Should Eat to Improve Concentration and Focus Fast

Having trouble concentrating? Millions of people face the same troubles, and it’s not just due to aging. With an excess of stressors, tasks for work, school, and life in general seem difficult to maintain.

Stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders all affect how well the brain can focus on the tasks at hand. When you can’t concentrate, you can’t make effective decisions. Plus, you’re more likely to misplace important items and waste time looking for them. But what can be done about getting that better focus and concentration when you need it most?

According to experts, there are certain things you can get into your daily diet that will help bridge that gap to help you stay focused. These top 3 things are crucial for supporting cognitive function, helping your brain work better and faster while chasing away brain fog that clutters the corners of your mind.

These 3 Things are the Key to Better Focus

Even if you eat a healthy diet rich in nutrients, you’re still missing out on what your brain needs to fuel it for faster focus and concentration. Each day, you should be getting the following 3 ingredients into your body to get the most potential out of your mind.

1. Ginkgo

Ginkgo, or gingko biloba as it’s also known, has long been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices. Since the late 15th century, this botanical has been revered for its ability to benefit cognitive function and concentration. That’s no old wives’ tale either since scientific research has been able to confirm it has an energizing effect on the brain, plus it supports blood flow in the brain too, keeping it healthy and in tip-top shape.

2. Phenylethylamine (PEA)

While it is a little difficult to pronounce, all you need to know about phenylethylamine or PEA is that it is a naturally-occurring chemical in your brain. This is the concentrated active ingredient found in dark chocolate, among other places. It improves performance, physical functioning, and cognitive support, just for starters. It does so by amplifying you’re the benefits of neurotransmitters, making the brain function at its optimum level.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine is a tried and true, safe and effective stimulant for the brain. It’s the reason most people reach for coffee in the morning. However, simply having coffee is not enough to clear the fog out of the corners of your mind.

Additionally, just focusing on only one or two of these key elements won’t be enough to help snap the mind back into focus. You could get PEA by eating chocolate every day, not a bad way to go about it, however you’d be gaining roughly 32,400 calories per year by doing so.

The best way to harmonize the mind and body for effective concentration is to zero in on the one supplement that puts these 3 things together. This increases their effectiveness while applying these natural ingredients in a safe and easy to ingest manner.

Increase Your Cognitive Ability by 38% in Just 30 Days

The one supplement that puts it all together is called CogniBen. It incorporates gingko and PEA with just enough caffeine to get the benefits of it without crashing. Clinically demonstrated to be effective, it helps deliver focus and concentration in a reliable way, all with nature’s most powerful ingredients for cognitive benefits.

Formulated by doctors, it’s designed to improve cognitive abilities over time. In just 30 days, those who took CogniBen found they improved by 38%. Distractions were minimized and the subjects felt sharper.

Additionally, CogniBen’s benefits for brain power also extend to the physical body where greater energy is reported. Since it metabolizes so quickly and efficiently, it keeps you going without any of the typical caffeine slump you’d get simply by filling up your coffee mug over and over again throughout the day.

The patented composition and optimized dosage give you just what you need to feel naturally energetic and focused.

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If you keep forgetting where you put things, can’t stay focused on anything, and feel rundown all the time, your brain is trying to tell you it needs more support. Give it just what it needs with CogniBen’s doctor-formulated supplement that will help you improve focus in as little as a week. By 30 days, you’ll notice your concentration and energy levels have improved even more.

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