Top Online Marketing Trends

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The Internet has literally revolutionized how companies conduct business and marketing. With a shift towards embracing online advertising and content marketing, 2014 is poised to reinvent the business world.

Content Marketing – This trend is expected to dominate this year. Content marketing allows businesses to effectively build trust, while simultaneously providing customers with valuable, entertaining information. Content marketing includes a wide variety of channels, including social media, Internet websites, articles, blogs, videos, electronic newsletter, case studies and even comparisons.

Diversity – Instead of companies stretching themselves too thin, it’s important to determine which social media sites work best for companies’ overall content marketing plans. Each social media platform reaches a different group of potential customers. With so many social media sites gaining popularity – ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest to Tumblr – it’s no wonder that companies may have a difficult time choosing a select two to three specialized platforms.

Images – This year is seeing a gaining trend in visual images. Instead of reading about statistical facts, it’s easier for customers to absorb these numbers on colorful graphic charts. Several sites have contributed to an increase in visual images, including Pinterest and Buzzfeed. Infographics are another popular trend, as they combine article information with easy-to-read visual aids.

Less is More – Contrary to years’ past, today’s savvy consumers are looking for minimalistic, easy-to-use and read designs.

Mobile-Friendly“Forbes” reports that by 2017, nearly 87-percent of connected devices will be Smartphones and tablets. This means that mobile-friendly content will be an essential component to Internet and website success over the next three years.

Ad Retargeting – This type of marketing uses browser cookies to track consumers’ interests and then allows similar products to appear as advertisements on other sites. These psychological marketing techniques help keep new products and brand images at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

SEO and Social Signals – Consumer sharing will play a significant role, impacting articles rankings and becoming more intertwined with social media. The more “likes” and shares articles receive, the more likely Google and other dominant search engines will place these articles higher in search results.

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