Top Reasons to Switch to VoIP

As most businesses realize, today’s technology is no longer optional but a requirement for success. Maintaining this technology expertise, while combining business with a personalized touch, is key to high productivity and satisfied customers.

Below are the top 10 reasons why today’s businesses should consider switching to hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services:

  1. Cost Savings – VoIP systems offer substantial cost savings, both upfront and long-term. Not only do VoIP providers, such as Jive, charge low fees per month per user, without long-term contracts, but also their hosted systems require no expensive on-site equipment that necessitates maintenance or constant upgrades. Jive employs experts who take care of these menial tasks, ensuring that companies’ do not experience the hassle of downtown or outdated technology.
  2. Maintenance – Jive is responsible for all maintenance, helping companies efficiently move, add lines, change lines and delete lines. Simply stated: Jive ensures that companies receive hassle-free telecommunication services and lower IT expenses.
  3. Advanced Features – Once only available to large corporations, Jive offers a number of advanced features such as routing calls directly to voicemail, automated greetings, touchtone menus, conference calling, record calls, caller ID, music on hold, call logs, call reports, unified messaging, message on hold, desktop integration, online fax, ring groups, Visual Dial Plan Editor, intercom, find-me follow-me features, speed dial, custom schedules, remote access, LDAP integration, call transfers and online PBX controls.
  4. Custom Feature Packages – Companies can easily build customized, personalized plans that meet their present and future needs.
  5. Flexibility – Hosted VoIP systems offer portability previously unseen in the telecommunication’s industry. This type of platform is ideal for employees who travel or work from home. Hosted services are also the perfect solution for satellite offices and branches.
  6. Scalability – If a company projects long-term growth or is expecting to downgrade their services, Jive offers a unique scalability that allows companies to modify their plans.
  7. Integration – Hosted VoIP systems are extremely popular because they do not have offsite complications, do not require patchwork technology and maintain a seamless infrastructure that is vital to advanced productivity.
  8. Advanced Technology – Hosted services, such as Jive, regularly upgrade their networks and telecommunication systems, ensuring that clients always experience the latest state-of-the-art VoIP technology.
  9. Easy to Use – VoIP business phones are easy to use. Training is minimal and users can easily adjust their personalized preference via Jive’s Internet platform.
  10. Increased Productivity – With advanced functions, high data speeds, easy maintenance, the ability to work from remote locations and a user-friendly system, Jive ensures that companies’ productivity will benefit from their VoIP services.

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