Trapped by a Sedentary Lifestyle? Don’t Take it Lying Down!

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Today’s technological innovations have made life easier for us. However, these innovations can also tempt us to take it easy physically. Why go outside and jog when you can stay at home and soak up all your favorite television shows (with perhaps a bag of chips and other munchies on the side)? You don’t even need to stand up to change channels since you just need to press the buttons of the remote. Why strain yourself climbing the stairs when it takes seconds to move from one floor to the other via the elevator? Why go to the store to shop when you can do it in front of the computer via the Internet?

In addition, our busy lifestyles make it a challenge for us to take time out for exercise. Statistics from a survey commissioned by the Institute for Medicine and Public Health indicate that the average person spends over 50 hours a week sitting down. This can include working in your office desk, driving, playing the couch potato in front of your wide-screen TV, or chatting with friends on Facebook.

A Sedentary Lifestyle and Its Health Risks 

A sedentary lifestyle is one where there is very little movement aside from the normal everyday activities (like moving from one room to another, preparing meals, or walking to the car to go to work). This kind of lifestyle that is consistently marked by a lack of everyday physical activity poses a lot of health risks.

For one, being sedentary results in a lethargic metabolism. Our bodies are designed for movement. Like our computers, when the body goes for an extended period of non-activity, it goes on “sleep” mode – our circulation slows down and the enzymes responsible for consuming calories also take a rest. As a result, fewer calories and blood sugar are used up. This can lead to a wide range of health problems, including diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Breaking Free from a Sedentary Lifestyle 

If you are already into The Liquid Amino Diet, you know how important it is to be committed towards your weight loss goal and your overall health. You should already know that at the start of The Amino Diet program, you will have to make important lifestyle changes – not just with your diet, but also with your level of physical activity.

Here are some ways for you to ramp up your level of physical activity so that you avoid becoming used to a sedentary lifestyle:

-          Take regular breaks from sitting down. If you have to spend hours in front of the computer or negotiating the steering wheel, make sure that you stand up from time to time.  Interrupt your long sit-down sessions as often as possible, preferably every 30 minutes. Walk around – go get a drink of water, pick up that file from the other desk or pause from a long drive to admire the scenery standing up.

-          Be on the lookout for opportunities for you to move around more. Even with a busy lifestyle, you can pencil in more physical activities. Rather than having pizza or Chinese takeout delivered, do some cooking of your own. Putter around your garden. Fold laundry even as you watch TV. Rather than sitting on your colleague’s desk to discuss ideas, brainstorm ideas while you’re walking to your next meeting. Instead of going to the local carwash, make Saturday a fun carwash day with your children. Rather than staying in during vacations, arrange a trip to the beach or the local swimming pool.

-          Minimize TV and computer time. The less TV you watch each day, the more time you have for you to get your move on. If you must watch TV, do so while you’re running on the treadmill. Or, you can schedule TV time at night, as you are preparing for bed.

-          Get on your feet. The best way to fight being sedentary is to make a conscious effort to be physically active. Commit yourself to some form of regular exercise. You can start by going for daily walks, then when your body has adjusted, move on to brisk walking and jogging.

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