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Ask and most people will agree: there is no better time than the winter to take a fun-filled beach vacation. Allowing vacationers to relax and absorb much-needed Vitamin D, the top beach retreats are taking travel agents and Internet booking sites by storm.

Rincon, Puerto Rico – With temperatures rarely less than 83 degrees, this coastal community is known for surfing. With a small town, homey feeling, surfers love the 25-foot waves and inviting warm white sands.

Kauai, Hawaii – A tropical paradise, this small island highlights stunning green mountains and magnificent swimming. Visitors can relax on the pristine beaches or take in a magical waterfall.

Long Key, Florida – In the middle of Florida’s famous Keys, this small island is only two miles long. A perfect escape from Miami, it’s ideal for outdoor wintertime camping.

St. Petersburg, Florida – Known for coffee and a hip downtown nightlife, this popular gulf retreat is perfect for kayaking or sailing.

Laguna Beach, California – With seven pristine miles of beaches, the wintertime boasts a dramatic decrease in summer’s overwhelming crowds. Excellent for hiking and walking, the waters are known for boogie boarding.

Grand Isle, Louisiana – With ideal sunbathing temperatures, this area features more than 280 aquatic species.

San Diego, California – A bustling metropolis, this southern California city features stunning beaches, an exotic nightlife, fabulous eateries and perfect weather. A favorite wintertime destination for surfers!

St. Simons Island, Georgia – Known for 99 holes of golf, this southern paradise highlights historical plantations, an 1820 lighthouse and spectacular seafood.

Orange Beach, Alabama – Boasting 95-percent quartz sand, this beachside retreat literally sparkles. Vacationers can swim with the dolphins and enjoy the peaceful, relaxing warm weather.

Galveston, Texas – A secluded beachcomber’s paradise, this area features a historic district, galleries, restaurants and an enormous water park.

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