Trendy Childhood Gems

As the smell of autumn begins to haunt the air, memories of school nurses lining children up in front of eye examination charts floods many adults’ memories. Covering each eye and reciting the strange combination of letters became an annual ritual for students. Just another regular school drill until one day, the pink slip – the ever-dreaded eye examination notice – accompanied a student home. As soon as classmates saw the daunting bright-hued slip, “four eyes” comments could be heard, the echoes whispering up and down the aisles of desks.

Children would come home and timidly hand the note to their parents, while some tossed it in the rubbish bin outside the school, only to have their parents later receive a follow-up phone call. The theory that carrots helped improve vision only went so far, as some students began to display an orangey-hue a few weeks after receiving the life-changing, devastating note.

Once the ophthalmologist appointment was scheduled, the waiting game began. “Yes, of course I can see mother,” a child chimes in the backseat of cars, “It’s definitely an ‘a’, no wait, a “d!” Mom, I really don’t need glasses.”

The appointment day would arrive. After peering through a battery of optical lenses and contraptions that look like the historic inventions of Benjamin Franklin (ironically he invented bifocals), the doctor announces that the child does indeed have a refractive error, followed by, “They make some cute children’s glasses nowadays.”

OK, the latter part is true, as they make a wide variety of adorable children’s glasses that are designed to fit any size of face, albeit it an infant’s, toddler’s, young child’s or teenager’s. Long gone are the geeky, awkward days of children attempting to “grow into” a pair of glasses that fit their small facial shape and frame. On board are stylish, hip, culture-changing glasses that make a statement.

As more children are being diagnosed with refractions, which require correction through the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses, sunglasses are dominating the glasses market. After all, what fitful parent does not want to protect his/her child’s eyes from the damaging effects of UV rays? If parents can help prevent children from developing eye cancer late in life, why not take these necessary precautions when children are young?

Olympic Eyewear agrees, which is why they offer a special selection of sunglasses designed specifically for children, ages two and up. Whether children are looking for sporty varieties, DG sunglasses or trendy Locs sunglasses, this one-stop shopping experience is perfect for stores that want to purchase bulk sunglasses.

Retailers should not miss out on this child-crazy trend, but should support parents in their endeavor to not only preserve their children’s eyesight, but also create some young stylish hipsters.

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