Upcoming Trends for Social Media Advertising

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Social Media Advertising (SEM) has rapidly gained popularity over the past five years. While 2013 saw significant changes to SEM, experts predict that 2014 will see just as many major modifications.

The top trends that are expected to dominate 2014 include:

Twitter – Rapidly growing in 2013, Twitter is anticipated to dominate the social media market in 2014. Twitter made significant desktop and mobile device interface changes, causing their ad platforms to explode with growth. Becoming an IPO, Twitter is focusing on making shareholders happy, which equates to higher ad revenues.

Facebook Videos – While television advertising still dominates the modern world, video advertising is rapidly expanding. YouTube is a primary example of successful video advertising and now Facebook is progressing into the world of video advertisements. While this is still in the testing phase, the impact isn’t expected to be as dramatic as YouTube, but it is anticipated to play a significant role in Facebook ads this year.

Google+ – Still without ads, advertisers are patiently waiting for the ever-coveted Google+ digital real estate ads. Recently, announcements were made that Google will soon begin testing +Post Ads. This is leaving experts carefully watching Google+ to see if it will become a significant advertising vessel in 2014.

Variety vs. Fragmentation – While social media is ever changing and new sites are popping up every few weeks, most of them lack the staying power of traditional sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and SnapChat. Other popular self-service advertisement campaigns include Reddit, Tumblr and Foursquare. Every social network has a different ad platform that has varying ad sizes, policies and even management requirements.

Organic and Paid Content – Studies are showing that if Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads appear more organic, they attract more customers. Social networks are using this same technique by simply labeling ads as “sponsored.”

As more companies embrace SEM, 2014 is posed to change the way traditional advertising is conducted. While more companies are straying away from traditional print advertising, social media has offered a new, innovative outlet for campaign ads.

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