VoIP: Business Benefits

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a modern technology that allows companies’ employees to make business calls directly over broadband Internet services instead of using a conventional analog telephone system.

VoIP technology works by converting sounds into a digital voice stream, then transferring this signal over the Internet via broadband services. This essentially means that VoIP users are using the Internet to make telephone calls. This has several benefits for businesses, including:

  • Portability – Companies can use any broadband connection worldwide. This allows traveling employees to easily use VoIP services, provided they connect to a broadband connection. VoIP systems are accessible via email, too. Employees will need to use their IP telephone and headset, enabling them to contact customers anywhere, despite their location.
  • Money, Money, Money – Using a VoIP telephone system is considerably less expensive than a company’s traditional telephone service. Making both local and long distances calls costs less money, helping companies focus on turning valuable profits.
  • Flexibility – Boasting an extreme flexibility, VoIP systems allow businesses to continue using traditional telephones. The only required equipment to convert a signal is a VoIP telephone adapter and VoIP converter. A VoIP converter is slim, similar in appearance to a USB memory stick, and easily plugs into any computer, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc. This VoIP converter than sends signals from telephones that are converted into digital data that is then rapidly routed over the Internet. VoIP signals do require a computer be turned on. VoIP providers, such as Jive, allow businesses to obtain their own VoIP telephone numbers, allowing employees who travel to stay connected and continue receiving telephone calls, provided they have access to a broadband Internet connection.
  • Multi-Functional – Business VoIP phones also allow employees to make videoconferencing calls via their VoIP service. An ideal way for employees to stay in touch with clients, videoconferencing allows people to interact face-to-face to discuss meetings, documents, files, important deals, business affairs and agendas. Additionally, videoconferencing helps save money by reducing expensive travel costs.

Companies such as Jive, focus on providing the ultimate phone systems for small businesses. VoIP business services help save small businesses, large companies and corporations thousands of dollars annually, allowing companies to have predictable monthly expenses, instead of unforeseeable telecommunication operating costs.

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