VoIP: Gaining Popularity in 2013

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As tech trends advance and gain popularity within the business industry, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is predicted to increase in 2013. Not only are companies realizing the benefits of this advanced technology with its increased reliability, but also the cost savings for adopting these services are substantial.

VoIP systems are extremely popular for start-up companies that are looking to incorporate the latest trends, while boosting employee productivity. As mature businesses find their telephone systems aging, they too are exploring the benefits of switching to VoIP.

With the uncertainty of the government’s Fiscal Cliff and where that fallout will land, companies are taking precautions to further decrease operating costs, slashing budgets where possible. Jive, a leader in the telecommunications industry, strives to work with customers to incorporate business VoIP technologies that are easy to use and save companies thousands of dollars annually.

Many business call centers are also adopting VoIP phone systems, simplifying call routing processes and allowing more employees to work directly from home. Cloud PBX systems allow employees to access work data from anywhere at anytime, as the service is managed by Jive (as the service provider) instead of a costly in-house IT department.

With Apple bringing “Cloud” technology to the forefront, coining it into a household term, many people don’t fully understand the benefits of this advanced technology. This technology simply means that all data is managed offsite, giving access virtually anywhere there is an Internet connection. If a computer system crashes at a business, because the information is stored in a hosted VoIP system, there is no need to worry, as the off-site “Cloud-based” program protects companies from losing valuable data, network communications going down and losing further revenues.

As Cloud solutions continually develop, better services will be offered and provided to businesses. Utilizing a hosted PBX system also provides minimal upfront capital investment in a telecommunications system, as all data is serviced offsite and no costly onsite equipment is required for routine calls and maintenance. Many of these programs also offer advanced scalability options, allowing companies to expand and downsize without the risk of incurring costly fees, penalties and necessary upgrades.

Today’s business VoIP services are incredibly advanced and the prices are simply jaw dropping and astounding. Many companies don’t realize the true cost savings of switching to VoIP services, as this one change alone can help companies go from being in the anxiety-inducing red to taking a deep sigh of relief from seeing the books turning a dark black.

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