VoIP: Incorporating the iPad

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Apple’s iPad technology has forever changed the business world, introducing an entire range of tablets and portable solutions for employees on the go. Nowadays, iPads can be seen in businesses, doctor’s offices, restaurants, stores, hair salons and art galleries. A popular choice for everything – email, notes, calendars, Internet access, credit card payments, inventory lists, etc. – this complete tablet package solution is helping organize employees, teaching them to increase efficiency and boost performance.

One of the issues many small businesses have with the iPad is that it cannot directly access a cellular network. This means it cannot make telephone calls. However, the iPad has a built-in microphone and speaker and has the ability to make video and voice calls using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider.

The key to using the iPad for business quality VoIP calls is using a VoIP compatible Bluetooth headset. Pairing these devices together allows for a higher-quality telephone call than using only the built-in microphone and also allows employees to multi-task while speaking directly to a customer and/or client. This is especially great for employees who travel.

So, how can an employee pair his/her iPad to seamlessly integrate with his/her company’s current VoIP system? By following the simple steps below, an employee can turn his/her iPad into a complete business resource.

  1. Select the “Settings” icon on the iPad. This is typically located on the home screen.
  2. Select the “General” button and then the “Bluetooth” option. Slide the Bluetooth switch to reflect “On.” Confirm that the Bluetooth logo is actively displayed in the upper right corner, near the date bar.
  3. Place the VoIP compatible Bluetooth headset in “discoverable” mode. The Bluetooth’s manual should highlight this process, as each manufacturer has a different way to pair devices.
  4. Once “discovered,” tap the Bluetooth headset’s entry into the Nearby Devices section of the iPad. Some Bluetooth devices require entering a password or PIN to pair devices. If this is required, refer to the Bluetooth’s manual.
  5. Launch the VoIP app – there are a number on the market – and immediately place a call within the contacts section of the iPad. The VoIP app should automatically connect using the Bluetooth headset when it is paired with the iPad.
  6. Always confirm the Bluetooth headset is on before placing a phone call, otherwise the iPad will default to using the built-in speaker and microphone.

Jive strives to help companies find business VoIP solutions. Understanding that time is money and most companies are not as financially stable as they were a decade ago, reducing telecommunications costs can help improve the bottom line. Cloud PBX and hosted VoIP systems are excellent alternatives to costly traditional telephone services.

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