VoIP: Testing Internet Connections

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One of the biggest concerns companies have when deciding to switch from regular telephone service to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone service is if their Internet Service Provider (ISP) will support the requirements necessary to run a VoIP phone system.

The last thing a company wants to do is install a VoIP business phone system, only to find out their ISP is sub-par and cannot handle the necessary requirements for smooth VoIP operation.

Before making the switch to VoIP, companies should consider testing their Internet connection for quality. As inadequate Internet connections are often the result of failed VoIP integration – resulting in poor call quality, dropped calls and other major issues – it is important for a company to test their ISP connection. This will help a company determine if they need to upgrade to a better ISP service provider or hire a professional to help troubleshoot the current system, to maximize long-term VoIP benefits.

As many online companies and websites offer free Internet connection testing, designed specifically to determine compatibility with VoIP, the procedure involved in testing a company’s ISP is simple.

  1. Select a website that offers free online tools for diagnosing and testing Internet connections. Recommended testing sites can easily be obtained by calling a Jive customer service professional, which will further explain the requirements for a successful business VoIP service. Popular online resources include Visualware, Inc., Digital Landing and WhichVoIP.com. Jive is not associated with any of these companies and/or websites and still highly recommends speaking to a Jive customer service representative for additional information.
  2. When prompted, select the city nearest the company’s location to help determine the best results.
  3. Start the test. Patience is key so wait for the test to completely finish. Once finished, the results will clearly be displayed.
  4. Reviewing the results often provides a detailed summary of a company’s Internet connection speeds. Typically, the faster the ISP, the more likely VoIP will work well for a company.
  5. If the Internet connection appears slow, close all running programs and redo the test.


Jive offers unparalleled VoIP customer service and strives to help companies save money by reducing their overall telecommunications expenses. By providing phone systems for small businesses, large companies and corporations, they have superior knowledge and expertise about how to seamlessly integrate VoIP technology into a company’s current traditional platform.

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