What Companies Want: The Benefits of Switching to VoIP

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In today’s downturned economy, more businesses are switching to VoIP phone systems. Why this increased demand? InformationWeek Research conducted a study on 280 companies and the top reasons for switching to VoIP business services include:

  • Reducing telecommunication costs;
  • Merging data and voice networks;
  • Having a one-stop communication platform in place that can be utilized in two or more areas;
  • Promotes increased collaboration between business, clients and even satellite offices
  • Easy to manage; and
  • Is portable and offers advanced scalability in an uncertain economic time.

Some of the many benefits of switching to a VoIP hosted system include:

  • Money – Companies save thousands of dollars annually by switching to a VoIP business phone system when compared to a traditional telephone line. International calls are substantially cheaper with VoIP services and companies only receive one telephone bill for services. Some studies suggest that VoIP saves businesses up to 90% on international calls and 40% on local calls.
  • Conference Calling – While most traditional telephones only allow two people to communicate at one time, unless utilizing a speaker-phone option, VoIP easily allows advanced conference calling features, allowing teams to communicate in real time, despite locations.
  • Inexpensive Hardware and Software – As nearly every company automatically pays for an Internet connection, why not fully utilize this service? VoIP allows businesses to turn their computers or a VoIP telephone into one that uses a business’ current Internet for a call signal.
  • Features – Jive, an innovative VoIP provider, offers an abundance of high-tech calling features, including auto attendants, voicemail, caller ID, music on hold, call routing, virtual extensions, dial-by-name directory, call forwarding, call recording, call logs, call reports, unified messaging, message on hold, desktop integration, online fax, ring groups, Visual Dial Plan Editor, intercom, call queues, Find-Me Follow-Me, speed dial, custom schedules, remote access, LDAP Integration, call transfers and online PBX controls.
  • Flexible Layouts – VoIP offers flexible infrastructure when working with businesses’ networks. As the system is more standardized than traditional telephone lines, VoIP requires less equipment and fewer hours managing a scaled-telephone system.
  • Tele-working Benefits – For businesses that use an extranet or intranet system, employees can access their office information easily from home over Jive’s VoIP hosted PBX system. 

Ultimately, businesses not only benefit financially from switching to VoIP but also see a surge in employee production.

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