What Your Facemask May Be Hiding

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What Your Facemask May Be Hiding

Listen to the discussions people are having about facemasks these days. It has the classic “Do we or don’t we” debate around it. One faction feels we all need to be wearing one, while the other side is more of the opinion they are fine for some, but not everyone. Both sides, however, agree to this; if you do choose to wear a mask, it needs to be made correctly and designed with high quality material. Otherwise, the mask is going to do very little. In fact, it will do next to nothing to protect you and others around you from anything.

Don’t kill the messenger, but most masks being sold today offer no real protection. They are, in some ways, no more efficient than a low quality dusk mask that was never intended to actually protect anything. Masks of these kinds tend to have lots of holes. Those holes are just small enough for viruses to get through.

No surprise here, but the pandemic outbreak has been good for mask manufacturers and sellers. Because demand has been so high and some outlets are limiting the number that customers can buy, you may feel you need to buy whatever is out there. But, beware. Like everything else, when it comes to face mask quality, you get what you pay for. Keep in mind that just because just because an ad or packaging says you are getting an effective mask, it does not necessarily mean that it is as legit as ones that have been tested and FDA registered.

So, this leads us to the question; “Is anyone marketing a good quality face mask to keep your loved ones and yourself safe?” Simply put? Yes. One company, Masks Quick, Mars Hill, North Carolina, used long-standing manufacturer connections to import medical masks designed with the highest quality and the assurance the wearer has the protection they deserve. These are the kind of masks that are the upper echelon. Not only are they surgical grade, but also they are also FDA registered and Nelson Labs tested. In fact, the lab tests revealed these masks, unlike so many others out there, are 99% effective for bacterial protection when used properly.

“A mask like ours does not earn the reputation it has without sound design,” said Barry Bohrer, Masks Quick, CEO. “The Masks Quick advantage is the triple-layer structural protection. It is three layers of non-woven fabric that absorb harmful particles, excels on effective filtration and is quite skin friendly. It fits with a tight seal for your face, protecting you fully and keeping you completely comfortable.”

To mask or not to mask? That is the question. “No mask is foolproof, adds Barry Bohrer. “Just because you are wearing one does not mean you are fully in the clear.” However, research says that consumers utilizing well-constructed quality face masks like the ones from USA based Masks Quick know the odds of staying safe are in their favor. On that, there is no question.

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