Why Boosting Your Immune System Isn’t Enough

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Why Boosting Your Immune System Isn’t Enough

At some point, we’ve all been told that it’s important to supplement our immune system, especially during flu season. Considering that we are surrounded by over 1400 known pathogens on any given day, I think it is safe to say that boosting the immune system is crucial for our health. However, is it enough? 

According to leading health experts, it isn’t. Dr. Ken Redcross, an internal medicine practitioner, emphasizes the importance of having a boosted AND balanced immune system in his following statement:

And I always tell them there’s a lot more than just boosting your immune system. That’s just part of the equation. You’re leaving out the big component. You need to boost AND balance the immune system so that your immune response remains controlled and minimizes the chances of severe damage from it not shutting down.

Even a strong or boosted immune system, when left unbalanced, can trigger an uncontrolled response to infection, which can generate sudden inflammation (cytokine storm), or unexpected attacks on vital organs and tissues. Now I don’t know about you, but to me, that just doesn’t sound ideal. 

Because the immune system works to defend the body against infection, it needs the necessary nutrients that promote antibody production and support the overall immune response. This is where boosting comes into play, but unfortunately, generic immunity supplements with vitamin c and zinc just don’t cut it.

So what exactly do we need? Well, the absolutely crucial ingredient to safely and effectively boost and balance the immune system is patent-pending ThymoQuinⓇ, a full spectrum, cold-pressed, naturally standardized black cumin seed oil that is 16X more potent than curcumin on inflammation. 

That’s right, 16X more potent than curcumin on inflammation. This level of potency allows ThymoQuin to balance the immune system by resolving out-of-control inflammation that can assault your body and helps avoid that potentially fatal cytokine storm.

Now you might be wondering where you’ll be able to find such an incredibly beneficial ingredient. Currently, the only supplement powered by ThymoQuin is ImmunoWin Plus™; a multipurpose supplement that maximizes your potential in fighting off bacteria and other foreign invaders.

Dr. Ken Redcross’ endorses ImmunoWin Plus™ because it has been shown to not only balance the immune system but also produce positive effects on blood sugar, cardiovascular and upper respiratory health. 

But he’s not the only one that loves the results. One review left by an anonymous ImmunoWin Plus fan says:

Even though my immune system was strong, it wasn’t balanced and I suffered from painful inflammation. Thanks to ImmunoWin Plus™ my system is strong AND balanced!

In conclusion, boosting the immune system is not enough. We need to both balance and boost the immune system to ensure it functions at its maximum potential. Supplements like ImmunoWim Plus™ work to regulate out-of-control inflammation and prevent the potentially fatal cytokine storm.

If you also want a boosted and balanced immune system that works for you and not against you, visit https://getimmunowin.com/ to learn more about ImmunoWin Plus™.

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