Donaldson Report Shows Changing Climate of International Adoptions

International adoptions increasingly involve older children, rather than infants and toddlers. In a report released by The Donaldson Adoption Institute (DAI) last October 2013, results showed that more and more adoptions made internationally are of older children. Entitled “A Changing World: Shaping Best Practices through Understanding of the New Realities of Intercountry Adoption”, the report…

Posted on: December 26th 8:17 am

A History of Table Settings

Service plates, also known as charger plates, are decorative plates placed beneath standard dinner plates. Used for more formal events, such as weddings and upscale parties, these plates first gained popularity in the 19th century. Regaining popularity in the early 1990’s, food is not served directly on these charger plates, often causing them to be…

Posted on: November 6th 8:00 am

New Sleep Aid Pill Breakthrough

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Posted on: April 15th 7:29 pm


Our Lodore Canyon rafting trip for women combines the peaceful meditation of Yoga with the exceptional natural beauty of the Green River. Each morning, we invite you to relax and breathe in the cool fresh air while reflecting upon the steep canyon walls and lush green forests surrounding us. Our Yoga exercises will include practicing…

Posted on: April 4th 9:54 am

The Benefits of Taking Online Courses

Many people are opting to pursue online education. Whether because of unavoidable life obligations, challenging economic situations, or conflicts with lifestyle choices, an online high school education offers many benefits for certain people. There are several functional benefits to taking online courses. If you’ve been struggling in your traditional school and lagging behind, you can…

Posted on: April 4th 7:06 am

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