Planking Can Reduce Risk of Debilitating Injuries

We all know that core strength is important to our overall health. Having a stable core can improve your muscular-skeletal system, which can help reduce your risk of painful, debilitating injuries, which can eventually lead to surgery – or worse – permanent loss of range of motion. This is why it’s vital to work out…

Posted on: June 29th 9:53 pm

Trend Report: Living Room Wall Mirrors

Living rooms are a home’s focal point, a congregational area where family and friends gather for parties, meals and memorable occasions. To help homeowners achieve a stunning living room that is inviting and welcoming, The Oval and Round Mirror Store offers several helpful living room design tips. Mirrors can literally transform living rooms, turning them…

Posted on: July 14th 8:02 am

Hot New Color Trends

Color forecasters compile information from a wide variety of sources, including housewares, runway information, trade shows, showrooms and magazines. They further analyze this information to produce a report that features what colors will dominate upcoming trends. This year popular colors are influenced by the economy, looming European war, the housing crisis and an upcoming historic…

Posted on: July 5th 8:31 am

Picture Frames and Interior Design: Looking at The Latest Trends

Do you feel that your rooms need a fresh, new look? If all you want is a simple touch-up rather than a room overhaul, changing some design elements such as your picture frames may do the trick. Take in the latest trends in interior design and choose what catches your fancy. A Snow White Spring….

Posted on: June 20th 8:06 am

America’s Giving Trends

America’s giving trends offer significant insight into regional giving, which actually highlights sizeable divisions. While many political analysts divide states into blue and red presidential zones, charitable organizations also analyze how these divisions impact donations. Studies actually show that people who reside in red states, which are typically Republican, are more likely to make charitable…

Posted on: May 12th 8:04 am

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