What Companies Want: The Benefits of Switching to VoIP

In today’s downturned economy, more businesses are switching to VoIP phone systems. Why this increased demand? InformationWeek Research conducted a study on 280 companies and the top reasons for switching to VoIP business services include: Reducing telecommunication costs; Merging data and voice networks; Having a one-stop communication platform in place that can be utilized in…

Posted on: April 4th 7:21 am

U.S. Economic Slowdown and VoIP

As talk of the U.S. economic slowdown and Fiscal Cliff rolls off the tongues of Wall Street executives and news personnel, many people are wondering how skyrocketing taxes will affect small businesses. Fortunately for the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry, they stand to fare better during this dismal recession than other technology-related companies. In…

Posted on: April 4th 7:21 am

VoIP: Gaining Popularity in 2013

As tech trends advance and gain popularity within the business industry, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is predicted to increase in 2013. Not only are companies realizing the benefits of this advanced technology with its increased reliability, but also the cost savings for adopting these services are substantial. VoIP systems are extremely popular for start-up…

Posted on: April 4th 7:20 am

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