Funding a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Doctors (and other medical practitioners) are not healing machines. They are humans that can make mistakes. The sad thing is that when they do, it can hurt their patients and bring damage to their physical (and psychological) health. In fact, in the United States, errors in administering medications have caused injuries and wrongful deaths to…

Fast Closings: Hard Money Loans

Hard Money loans have the ability to close FAST when all necessary paperwork is in proper order. This allows a real estate investor to obtain access to and ownership of the property sooner, meaning that further investments can be underway. Often times, such as with rehab residences, “flippers” need to remodel the property as fast…

Private Lenders Bridging Bank Loan Gaps

With the economic downturn and the housing crisis in full swing, many banks are further restricting their lending requirements, tightening their belts in the wake of hand slapping, money losses and angry shareholders.   Offering interim bridge loans, hard money lending is a last resort solution, but one that is necessary in today’s volatile times….

Hard Money Loans: Required Documents

By definition a hard money loan is a short-term bridge loan that is essentially a last resort loan. This means that most traditional banks will not finance a piece of real property, albeit it a residence, raw land, commercial building or apartment complex. Hard money loans require the property serve as collateral to the loan,…

5 goals to keeping your hard earned cash

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