Benefits of VoIP Hosted Services

Many organizations are turning to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to help improve productivity and reduce overall telecommunication costs.   What is a hosted PBX system? A Hosted PBX system – otherwise known as a Private Branch eXchange – is a digital multi-line telephone system that routes calls to several extensions. Some of these…

Posted on: April 4th 7:33 am

Small Business VoIP Tips

Many small business phone systems are taking advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to further productivity, lower costs and institute reliable telecommunication systems company-wide. There are several valuable tips for small businesses switching to VoIP. Jive works with customers to ensure an easy transition, as they have highly trained technical experts that specialize in…

Posted on: April 4th 7:32 am

What types of Business Telephone Systems are available?

Today’s telephone industry vastly varies from yesteryear. With advanced telephony technology overtaking the market, there are a number of small business phone systems that help to increase productivity and decrease telecommunication expenses. Even though email, text messaging and instant messaging have overtaken the telecommunications market, nothing will replace the personal feel of hearing a voice…

Posted on: April 4th 7:32 am

Hosted PBX Terms, Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part article that highlights business phone systems and Hosted PBX terminology. Business VoIP and VoIP hosted terminology includes: Dial by Name – This is an excellent option for customers that call in and know exactly who their assigned representative is, allowing them to avoid frustrating wait times and…

Posted on: April 4th 7:31 am

Hosted PBX Terms, Part 1

People hear Hosted PBX acronyms and phrases littering today’s business conversations. If a business is interested in digesting these complicated abbreviations and learning the simple, yet money-saving technology behind these features, this article will serve as an excellent introduction into the realm of Hosted PBX. This article is the first portion of a two-part article….

Posted on: April 4th 7:30 am

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