How the Pandemic Made Me Stronger

I feared the requirements of social distancing and hibernation all year would throw me back into old unhealthy habits.

Tips To Overcome Chronic Diarrhea

Chronic diarrhea is a debilitating condition causing watery stools, painful cramping and bloating, and frequent trips to the restroom. It can come on unexpectedly, and unfortunately, it can be hard to determine the exact cause. Chronic gastrointestinal conditions can be hard to diagnose and is often a blanket term for those who experience diarrhea more than a few times a year.

What’s Causing Your Diarrhea?

Everyone experiences diarrhea in their lifetime. It is, unfortunately, one of the most common health complaints, and it ranges from mild to severe. In rare cases, it can even result in death from aggressive bacterial infections and dehydration.

Have You Been Diagnosed with IBS, or Think You Might Have It? Read This

If you suffer from regular or constant gastrointestinal issues leading to diarrhea and have not been able to find solutions to calm your recurring flare-ups, it’s likely you’ve been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea, or IBS-D. This is often a blanket diagnosis for recurrent gastrointestinal problems. Unfortunately, there is no “cure” to having…

Diarrhea Medications Can Actually Make Things Worse by creating a constipation – diarrhea cycle.

Those suffering from chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have tried everything when it comes to managing symptoms of diarrhea. Nearly everyone has come down with the uncomfortable situation of diarrhea in their lifetime, but those suffering from diarrhea regularly, more than a few times per month, know it can be unpredictable and sometimes uncontrollable.

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