Is the Left Waging War Against Gun Owners?

In an ever-going battle between pro-gun and anti-gun owners, many people are wondering if the social media world is feeding a blitz of leftist propaganda. Is the left, in fact, waging an all-out war on gun ownership cultures? Is there in fact anything wrong with owning guns? Don’t guns go hand in hand with farmers’,…

Posted on: June 26th 8:17 am

Societal Epidemic: America’s Youth Staying Indoors

With technology on the rise and more children having access to computers, tablets and Smartphones, studies are showing that there is a rapid childhood epidemic taking hold – it’s known a children having limited access to the outdoors and having a world that involves solely around video games and other indoor activities. Why do more…

Posted on: June 23rd 8:10 am

Picture Frames and Interior Design: Looking at The Latest Trends

Do you feel that your rooms need a fresh, new look? If all you want is a simple touch-up rather than a room overhaul, changing some design elements such as your picture frames may do the trick. Take in the latest trends in interior design and choose what catches your fancy. A Snow White Spring….

Posted on: June 20th 8:06 am

Caterpillar’s Jenga Game Garners Over 1.5 Million Views

In a social media coup, Caterpillar deftly played the most massive Jenga game ever. The video featured Caterpillar equipment delicately pulling out 27 humongous wooden beams weighing 600-pounds, showing just how precise these machines are. A few days after it was released, the video went viral with some 1.1 million YouTube views (and counting), according…

Posted on: June 17th 8:02 am

Café Gives Solo Diners Stuffed Toys for Company

There are no “lonely tables set for one” at Tokyo, Japan’s The Moomin Café. As a strategy to get rid o the dilemma of eating out alone, part of the café’s standard restaurant equipment are life-size and adorably cute Moomin stuffed toys that solo customers can get as table partners. Lone diners can enjoy the…

Posted on: June 14th 7:55 am

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