Study: How Homicide Rates Are Affected by Gun Bans

As mass shootings take precedence on the news, more people seem to be calling for gun control. Is this perhaps a shocking liberal journalism tactic that creates the illusion that society will be safer without guns? Let’s analyze the facts. Many studies and conclusive research indicates that in areas where guns have been banned, homicide…

Posted on: June 29th 8:21 am

Is the Left Waging War Against Gun Owners?

In an ever-going battle between pro-gun and anti-gun owners, many people are wondering if the social media world is feeding a blitz of leftist propaganda. Is the left, in fact, waging an all-out war on gun ownership cultures? Is there in fact anything wrong with owning guns? Don’t guns go hand in hand with farmers’,…

Posted on: June 26th 8:17 am

Societal Epidemic: America’s Youth Staying Indoors

With technology on the rise and more children having access to computers, tablets and Smartphones, studies are showing that there is a rapid childhood epidemic taking hold – it’s known a children having limited access to the outdoors and having a world that involves solely around video games and other indoor activities. Why do more…

Posted on: June 23rd 8:10 am

Picture Frames and Interior Design: Looking at The Latest Trends

Do you feel that your rooms need a fresh, new look? If all you want is a simple touch-up rather than a room overhaul, changing some design elements such as your picture frames may do the trick. Take in the latest trends in interior design and choose what catches your fancy. A Snow White Spring….

Posted on: June 20th 8:06 am

Caterpillar’s Jenga Game Garners Over 1.5 Million Views

In a social media coup, Caterpillar deftly played the most massive Jenga game ever. The video featured Caterpillar equipment delicately pulling out 27 humongous wooden beams weighing 600-pounds, showing just how precise these machines are. A few days after it was released, the video went viral with some 1.1 million YouTube views (and counting), according…

Posted on: June 17th 8:02 am

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